I recently moved into a new home. I dug up a single sprig of mint I planted four years before and brought it with me. I'm not sure why, because it never grew or spread but the sad sprig did come back each year. 

In good procrastinator fashion, I started a small garden instead of unpacking and found a place for the pitiful herb in a mangled planter box, along with a couple of vegetable plants I took a chance on.

Meanwhile, I couldn't shake the idea that nothing was how I pictured it. Life, work, growing stuff in dirt...

A few months later I stood staring at my pitiful box of tomatoes where I fought hornworms, hung tin foil and reflective Christmas ornaments to scare away birds, and harvested a single, perfect [on the outside] cucumber; home to tiny worms or some kind of disease, I'm not sure. I worked my ass off [I did have fun]. After all the gardening supplies, my two tomatoes and diseased cucumber probably cost me around 75 dollars.

But the mint - it spread to fill the entire wood-rotting box even though it failed to grow at the other house. I didn't have to argue it into expansion or carefully nurse foliage.

I'm a confident writer and I love editing, but I didn't expect freelancing to go very far. I put in the effort but didn't have to swim against the current to advance and make headway.

Here I am doing something I love, without having forced the process, and never thought to chase as I reached for career opportunities that matched the picture in my head.

My client list increased, and larger long-term contracts [and I] grew.

Three years post-divorce and nearly everything around me still made it into the life metaphor column. But this one made the most sense: Writing copy for clients spread like the mint I didn't have to argue into growth. Success came at the right time, in the right space, I just had to be open-minded enough to recognize it.

"MINT Copy and Edit"

I'm a sensible copywriter working from the North Carolina coast with my two King Charles spaniels, and five chickens (that act like dogs).

Remotely, I've met fantastic business owners, witnessed startup growth, and experienced different company cultures. I love interacting with like-minded people, exchanging ideas, and creating or editing copy while you spend more time doing what you love.

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